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The crazy coconut’s binge viewing addiction, HBO’s instant classic, underground cop series The Wire, a love letter to Baltimore and an indictment of today’s society.

Latest Binge Watch: The Wire

So I’ve figured out that I’m a serious binge viewer. I’ve also discovered I’ve got some serious gaps in my TV viewing knowledge. (Breaking Bad, anyone?) One such ‘gap’ I’ve recently filled is HBO’s The Wire. I know, I know; watching The Wire verges on something akin to old news. It’s kind of like the Battlestar Galactica reboot. It took me a couple – okay, maybe more than a couple – of years to find the boarding ramp to the show’s cultural bandwagon. But, hey, I did find it. And it was an amazing ride! Same logic applies to The Wire. I can offer the caveat/explanation that I didn’t have HBO. I have a thing about paying for pay channels. That’s just me. So, The Wire. THE WIRE!! I understand why I’ve heard from so many corners, at so many intervals, over so many years that The Wire is bad ass and simply has to be watched. Now, having completed all five (FIVE?!?!) seasons, I will say the same to you. Go binge it. Now. …