The Crazy Coconut

A Latina’s Guide to Assimilation & Rebellion

Sky's the Limit

Howdy y’all.

So what’s there to know?

I’m a generation X (no, really?), ‘English-only’ Latina with a Ph.D. in Cinema-TV from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.  Well, alrighty then!

I struggle, grapple, work with, observe (and feel the need to comment on) my daily encounters with the consumer onslaught of pretty things aimed at women, women of color and women with (but mostly without enough) money.

Also, I love to write.

Write with humor and horror and affection and awe for said previous encounters.

I write fiction, about fiction, travel, TV and video, food, beauty, style…well, everything.

I’ve recently returned to Texas and I’m enjoying being reunited with bar-b-q, the Alamo Drafthouse and KXT radio.