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Just Finished Reading – Hollywood Divorces

I kicked off my summer reading by returning to one of my favorite authors, Jackie Collins. It’s been a minute since I’ve read one of her titles, but HOLLYWOOD DIVORCES called out to me as I scrolled the impressive list of her penned works.

HOLLYWOOD DIVORCES offered just what I was looking for: a cast of characters, wheeling and dealing against a ritzy, Los Angeles, movie-making backdrop. Yes, thank you.

This iteration, originally published in 2003, had the added benefit of featuring three primary female characters, all experiencing different points in their Hollywood careers. One of the main characters is a film director, new to Hollywood and trying to make her way through the game and its players. Nice touch.

Another main character is Latina. Sold!  My search was over, and I swiped the purchase button.

So, back to the Latina character.  Well…underwhelmed I’d have to say. she’s a hot head, spitfire who is so hot-blooded that the only man she can truly love is a likewise hot-blooded Latino film director who is a bit Gangsta himself with ties to an ‘urban’ lifestyle. Aw man – really? Oh, well, maybe next time the Latina character won’t be so…so…crazed by her hot-blooded nature.

Still, all three ladies were fun to spend some time with, even if each were irritating in their own special way. I’ll chalk that up to historical timing – the book is over ten years old. Nevertheless, half the fun of Jackie Collins’s books is getting an insider’s peak into Hollywood lifestyles. This book doesn’t disappoint.

And my summer reading program is underway!

Overall, my favorite Jackie Collins books great for getting inside Hollywood  continue to be:

Hollywood Wives (the grande dame of them all), American Star and Lady Boss (a Lucky Santangelo book).

What are yours?

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