The Perfect
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The Perfect…Laptop Sleeve

Getting a new laptop is a big deal.  Almost certainly, you are replacing a much used, beloved  device that has – in my case, at least – weathered many bumps, scratches and near-miss coffee catastrophes. And those are just the external dangers!

My laptop has hobbled on its last legs for a while now, slowly losing functionality.  Random keyboard tiles stopped working, the CD/DVD player rejected all manner of content, and, then, the final death knell came: OS upgrades were not compatible.


So, the new laptop arrived in all its shiny, fully-functional glory! Hooray!!

Then the next question immediately came: What am I going to carry this thing in?

I knew I didn’t want to go the whole laptop bag route.  Been there, done that.  I wanted a sleeve. So I had drilled down my shopping focus. Win.

I promptly took to an online shopping search.  I hit my usual spots.

The requirements?

Something streamlined.

Something functional.

Something with that indescribable X factor.

Found it.

(And it didn’t even take that long.  Whew!)

Herschel Supply Co. Brand has an exclusive agreement to makes sleeves for Apple’s MacBooks.  The sleeves come in sizes for the 13-inch, 15-in and 17-in MacBook Air and Pro series.

I love the simple monochromatic gray exterior (it does come in other colors) and a durable, canvas-y material. A simple square patch in the bottom marks their label.

Sleeve_with Mac

Then, in a whimsical twist there is a neon lime green heavy-gauge zipper off-setting the grey hues.


On the inside, the sleeve gets even better.

It’s padded with a kitten fur-soft felt lining for protecting the laptop. Inside the interior is a top edging lining that is a satiny candy-stripe pattern that adds to the just-right whimsy tone.

Double win!!


This little sleeve is perfect. No doubt about it. But it would be next level, out of this world if it had a slim inside pocket. Just a small one so as not to alter the sleeve’s overall exterior lines. However that little pocket would be perfect for slipping a set of earbuds or connector cord into. Just a suggestion for Herschel Supply 2.0.

Otherwise, well done Herschel Supply Co. Well Done.

Want to shop the line, you can find it here.

Did you find the perfect laptop sleeve?

Share your thoughts – I’d love to see other perfects out there!

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